SURVIVE – Help is On The Way!

SURVIVE – Help is On The Way!

SURVIVE is a wearable device with a Monitoring Service and a mission to save your life.survive-amber-alert-kidnapping-crime

Crime is a perpetual problem with no end in sight. Over 9 million crimes happen every year in the United States, ranging from petty theft all the way to rape and murder. Unfortunately, Police deal with most crime in a reactive fashion, they investigate crimes after they are committed and a portion of these crimes remain unsolved. With SURVIVE there is a better way!

We believe that if Police know when a crime is in progress, they can actually do something about it! That is exactly what our product and monitoring service will allow you to do, you will be able to notify the Police or Medical staff when you need them most, even if you don’t have immediate access to your cellphone, and even if you’re not sure where you are.

The option that is most widely exercised is calling 911, but that is not always an effective or plausible strategy, especially when you are in an unfamiliar part of town, or traveling to another state. Unfortunately 911 does not know where or who you are when you call them from your cell phone, they can sometimes trace your signal but this takes time. Sometimes a situation may arise where making a 911 call is simply not an optin, for example, if someone is trying to harm you, chances are they will not stop to let you call 911.

According to the latest nationwide crime statistics a new crime is committed every 3.5 seconds. Our goal is to reduce crime and help emergency services be in the right place at the right time. We believe that it is better to be prepared than to rely on pure luck. With SURVIVE, you are always prepared, and the help you need is just a button press away, our monitoring station is ready and waiting to serve you 24/7 365!

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