SURVIVE – Frequently Asked Questions

Sur-Vive Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Where does Sur-Vive work, do I need to be close to my house?

Answer. You are covered with our service anywhere in the United States of America.

Question. How much does the Sur-Vive device and service cost?

Answer. The devices vary from $40 – $80 each and our subscription plans start at $10/month, all pre-orders will receive a FREE device of their choice.*

Question. How can I order Sur-Vive, and how long will it take to arrive?

Answer. We are currently accepting pre-orders and expect the first shipment to go out in early October of 2016.

Question. Can my employer or the government use Sur-Vive to track me?

Answer. Absolutely not! Our service will only track your location when you initiate such tracking with your Sur-Vive wearable device.

Question. What type of devices do you have and how much will they cost?

Answer. We will have bracelets, pendants, pocket buttons, rings and other smart devices that can be activated with Sur-Vive monitoring. All pre-orders will receive a FREE Sur-Vive device of your choice**

Question. Is Sur-Vive only for women, or can I get this for my husband or child?

Answer. Yes! Each new subscription will come with a Sur-Vive device that can be worn by men, women and children 3 years of age and older.***

Question. Do you have discount programs or referral bonuses available?

Answer. We will offer family plans, group purchase discounts and corporate discounts on orders of 2 or more Sur-Vive devices with a service plan. We will also offer a device of your choice and the first 6 months of service for FREE if you were a victim of a crime and are willing to talk about it on camera, please contact us for more details and mention “Video Testimonial Details”