Pre-Order SURVIVE – Help is On The Way!

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SURVIVE Wearable Tech and Monitoring Service

Pre-Order SURVIVE and stay safe out there! SURVIVE consists of a wearable device, smartphone app and a monitoring service, all these components work together to help ensure the fastest and most discreet response to your emergency. Our monitoring service will know exactly who you are and where to find you when you need help.

Statistically, the earlier Emergency Services get involved, the better the outcome of a situation. Police and other emergency personnel are rigorously trained on the proper steps to take in high stress situations, most of us are not. A reactive approach to crime is the norm, SURVIVE is looking to change that by helping implement a proactive approach. We need Emergency Services to get involved as early as possible for a favorable outcome. This is why SURVIVE’s value far surpasses its cost, in the financial sense and most importantly in the sense of personal and public safety. The more people have SURVIVE, the better the outcomes of attempted crimes and other emergency situations will become.

Should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, just press the button on your SURVIVE device and let it do the rest. The monitoring station will receive your exact location along with your personal information and will dispatch the appropriate Emergency Services to your exact location. Emergency Services will get notified while the emergency situation is still in progress, enabling them to respond sooner to keep the situation from getting worse. With our Monitoring Service, you will have peace of mind knowing that when you need it most, help is on the way!

Every Pre-Order will receive a SURVIVE Wearable for FREE!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Order SURVIVE – Help is On The Way!

    1. The value is in the monitoring service, without it you are putting the responsibility of protecting your life into the hands of your friends and family. If you can honestly say that no matter when you call or text them they immediately pick up or respond, then you are right, the monitoring service is definitely not worth it. But if they ever missed a call or a text, what happens if the next missed call or text is at the worst possible time, a time when it really matters?

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